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Rubber Dinghy

Rubber Dinghy
Zoo Southside

In centre-stage, two men lie adrift in a paper-strewn dinghy after sinking their own yacht for insurance purposes.

The two men are suffering from exposure, dehydration and exhaustion, and between bouts of arguing, joking and threatening each other; each fantasises about a woman in their life. The inclusion of a third actor, the phantom girl singing "Blue Moon" to them in moments of drifting consciousness as they slowly slip further into insanity, helps break up the action of this short piece.

At only 30 minutes long, Rubber Dinghy is one of the shorter pieces on at this year's Fringe and, despite that, manages to feel slightly dragging.

While the concept is solid enough and the actors are all perfectly capable, the sense of mystery about the situation is caught at an unfortunate point between being banal enough that it doesn't grip but unusual enough that the performance is still interesting to watch.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan