Davey Anderson
NTS Workshop and Traverse Theatre Company
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, and touring

Production photo

Rupture captures an interesting perspective on urban living, telling a fragmented story about the lives of six characters whose motivations and relationships are not always clear. It is a huge leap forward from Anderson, moving away from the tired obscenity of Snuff (his previous show) and into the realm of the impact of international events on individuals.

Security guard Stewart (Brian Ferguson) is the focal point of the audiences' sympathies, maintaining casual friendships with both the Polish cleaner Monika (Agnieszka Bresler) and Colin (Neil McKinven) - although in both cases his estimation of their closeness is slightly more than the other parties'. Molly Innes' turn as festishist/photographer Caroline is a strong performance. Touching on linguistics and communication as well as social and economic divides, Rupture is a strong starting point for a debate around Scotland's relationship to cheap labour and immigration issues.

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Reviewer: Rachel Lynn Brody

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