Samurai Spirit is Here

Samurai Drum IKKI
theSpace @ Symposium Hall

Taiko drumming is an instantly recognizable style of music. The styles may vary slightly from group to group but there is a rhythm shared by all drummers.

is undoubtedly because the training is universal and very rigorous. Many spend years training to be proficient enough to perform. Taiko may not be a religion but it is a way of life.

But taiko groups almost always include other percussion instruments as well as occasionally wind or stringed instruments. There is also a precision in the performance which is finely choreographed.

Very talented drummers, as here, share their knowledge and training by forming their own groups. Samurai Drum IKKI is a group which performed here last year and, although they seemed very green at the time, they showed potential and promise.

Traveling and training are the essentials. Their professionalism and confidence just emerging last year has taken root. The art and technique has been passed along. The young percussionists of Samurai Drum IKKI are indeed maturing as this is a group on the crest of a long career.

This will prove to be one of the finer taiko groups. It's well worth catching them here and now. Another show great for all ages.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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