Satan Speaks: ‘Why I Don't Exist' A TED-ish Talk

Bart McCarthy
Synapse Productions
Gilded Balloon

Satan Speaks: "Why I Don't Exist" A TED-ish Talk

The Devil walks amongst us! Or so some might have you believe.

But Satan has come to the Fringe to dispell this myth himself, in doing so disproving his existence and making his power greater, or maybe rendering himself obsolete. Therein lies the quandry.

American actor Bart McCarthy plays the smoothly spoken seducer of souls, who is justifying himself to a Fringe audience by possessing the body of a little-known TV actor. Between giving some religious history and venting his anger about being judged by God and cast from Heaven, he leaves the body of Bart, allowing the actor to belittle his own considerable talents and send himself up quite beautifully.

It's an interesting show with McCarthy's deliberations on the extent to which the Devil controls the actions of evil or is simply a convenient scapegoat are clever and never dull. The downside is that the segments where Bart is playing an inept and slightly goofy version of himself feel like they are detracting from the power and fascination he weaves under the satanic persona.

Still, it's hard to fault a show which makes you think and ends with a litany of some of the most unapologetic and knowable jokes I've ever heard. Certainly a dark delight.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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