Sam Moore
Reading University Drama Society
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall

Reading University Drama Society brings its new play Savage written by Sam Moore to the Fringe. It explores the life of five students on an evening, as they get ready for a night on the town.

And what a night it is. Freddie (Gary Gordon) is the camp gay third year who is always on the prowl for new bedmates.

John (Tom Sishton) is also a third year student and has is eyes on his new girlfriend Aimee (Megan Blair) a first year.

Then there is third year Sophie (Danni Jordan) who is the domesticated one: “It’s all on Facebook and everything.” She has pulled the handsome stud fresher George (Teddy Turpin) and Freddie also wants a bit of the action.

They all agree that George is, “adorable” and drink a lot of alcohol—and I mean a lot—and talk about their sexual conquests. But as they wait for the taxi and the drinks flow, they become totally inebriated.

George and Aimee have had a brief relationship and are embarrassed to meet each other again although here is still a spark between them and this causes tension as they now have potentially new lovers.

The characters portrayed are stereotypical students but hopefully all students are not like these.

When they all return home just before dawn, there is increasing embarrassment about the sleeping arrangements.

This slice of student life may not be typical and the production doesn’t tell us anything new but as a play it is incredibly superficial and rather self-indulgent, although it was enthusiastically received by the mainly student audience.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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