Sean and Daro Flake It 'Til They Make It

Laurie Motherwell
Traverse Theatre

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Sean and Daro Flake It 'Til They Make It

Sean and Daro are friends. Friends as in the “Bill and Ted”, “Wayne’s World”, “Blues Brother’s” type. They complement each other.

So, they end up buying a ice cream truck; the “adult” thing to do. After all it’s just “fat, sugar & ice”. But of course this leaves open all the other “adult” things that go along with it, not the least is having a licence, which they think they can charm and bribe their way out of.

Sean Connor and Cameron Fulton play so well together, and not just because author Laurie Motherwell has written two clear and balanced character voices, but that Connor and Fulton are fun to watch work together.

Motherwell has created an intriguing situation around Karen Tennent’s just on the edge of cartoon set as well as so well positioned words of wisdom: “someone who always swears to God all the time is not telling the truth” and “I feel guilty to the ends of my hair”. It leaves the audience waiting for the sequel.

Reviewer: Catherine Henry Lamm

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