Seeing Double: Vision & Figures

Greenlight Theatre
Pleasance Courtyard

When the famed theatrical director Julio Buenaventura is held up by political machinations, a sly delivery man sees an opportunity for profit; how hard can it be to direct Macbeth anyway?

Well, when the cast is a throng of luvvies and prima donnas and the real Julio's ex-wife is on the staff, there's a farcical chance for all sorts of mayhem. Such is the premise of Greenlight Theatre's performance concept duo, Seeing Double: Vision and Figures. Split across two neighbouring venues in the Pleasance Courtyard, the cast dashes between the two venues, creating two separate stores from the mix.

The result is a pair of very funny comedies: Vision tells the tale of the doomed direction of the play, whilst Figures tells a concurrent story about the secret filming of the creation of a play.

Each play works as a stand-alone story, although the nature of Figures means that it relies on an understanding of Vision for it to make full sense. Conversely, the plot of Vision is strong enough that as a bit of jolly farce, it can hold it's head up high.

True adventurous design and creativity such as this really is the lifeblood of the Fringe and Greenlight has proven it has the imagination and talent to create something very special.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan