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Shakespeare for Breakfast

C theatre

In a big anniversary year for the Fringe, C theatre celebrates 26 years of Shakespeare for Breakfast and its signature blend of Shakespearean parody, riffing on familiar plots and characters, with references to contemporary trends and events. This time, it's Macbeth getting the treatment, and I would be willing to bet that this is one of their best shows yet.

Set on an allotment amongst the politics of the Thistly Bottom Garden Society, we meet leader Duncan and his presidential chain of plastic vegetables spray-painted gold; the three snitches—dabbing, hair flicking teenage girls; a northern Macbeth (renamed McGarry to prevent the name being uttered on stage, thus cursing the play) and his wife Linda, a snobby housewife worthy of Made in Chelsea. As usual, an incredibly talented cast of just five actors work hard to bring these characters to life.

Modern references include a snap election called to decide whether Malcolm or Macduff becomes the next society president, gluten-intolerant Linda dying after running through a field of wheat and an excellent parody of Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling" as the show finale.

It's a thoroughly enjoyable show packed full of laughs for Shakespeare and non-Shakespeare buffs alike, though the former tends to get more out of lines like "once more into the bleach," uttered by the cleaner tidying up after Duncan's murder. Even the free croissants given out at the start get featured as Macbeth's murder weapon of choice.

Reviewer: Georgina Wells