Shakespeare For Breakfast

C Theatre
C Chambers Street

Shakespeare For Breakfast has a very checkered past. The year’s send up of Shakespeare’s Macbeth is up there with the best.

This “Macbeth”, aka Mack, is a high school nerd who happens to be dating very popular and spoiled cheerleader Beth. The Goth witches predict that he will unseat the very popular head boy, Duncan, so Beth gets underway to help make this happen. True to their theme, this is accomplished in the most sophomoric way.

To make this concept work, there has to be a good understanding of the original work, a unique turn and a creative touch with the language and character development and relationships. And a trusting collaboration with a strong director. Kudos to the entire ensemble.

Joseph Morpurgo, Thomas Wolstenholme and Naill Ransome work hard to keep up with Bryony Corrigan and Monica Heisey as the poetic goth witches and Felicity Russell as the perky and ambitious Beth. Here the women have most of the good lines.

Go! See! Simply Macbeth. Better than all the rest. Rah, rah.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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