Shakespeare in the Garden: As You Like It

William Shakespeare
C theatre
C south

Rosalind has been banished from court for no other reason than that she is the daughter of the Duke’s enemy and brother. The Duke’s daughter decides she cannot live outside the company of her cousin, so she follows. Both are disguise. To the woods.

There they come upon the wandering Orlando who is smitten with Rosalind. So, Rosalind, who is now disguised as a man, Ganymede, challenges his authenticity and puts him through his paces.

Some woodland locals get involved in this tangle of who-loves-who. Of course, it all gets sorted out. Everyone ends up with someone to love, the right person. After all, this is Shakespeare. “Jack will have Jill. Naught will go ill.” (No, Sorry, that’s from Midsummer Night’s Dream. But it works.)

It is a lot of fun and done very well by this professional and journeymen company of actors. It would have been a great evening if it had not been performed al fresco, the remnants of the rain on the ground and in the air. But the cast made sticking it out well worth it.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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