Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet

William Shakespeare
Magnificent Bastard Productions Ltd
Underbelly, Bristo Square

Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet is to midnight what Shakespeare for Breakfast is to noon. The prologue is as much a review of the ground rules as it is to stirring up the audience (as if they needed it). “Shit-Faced Shakespeare seeks to introduce a new generation of theatre-goers to the works of the Bard.” They certainly have the right attitude.

Hamlet (drunk) returns to Denmark to find that his Uncle has killed his father and married his mother. Oh, what to do! (Have another drink.) Hamlet must first be certain that the apparition of his father was truthful. (Hamlet’s had a lot to drink so he may be mistaken.)

This is standard Shakespeare fair but inebriated. It’s the late-night adult version of Shakespeare for Breakfast. Without croissants but a busy bar.

Although most of the cast tries to stick to the script, the actor playing Hamlet lets no one out unscathed. How much is pre-planned is anyone’s guess. But everyone’s prepared—very well prepared. And, in the allotted time period, they get it done.

This is just what midnight on the Fringe needs.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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