Simon Donald

Simon Donald / The Stand Comedy Club
The Stand Comedy Club II

Everyone loves a nice swear now and again. Even though the thought of much of it is occasionally distasteful, there is a very real human need to let loose with a torrent of horrible gutter language.

Enter Simon Donald, he of the Viz comic and its associated schoolyard humour, who takes us on a fairly skimming tour of the origin of some swearing, followed by some amusing jokes and puns and a whole load of coarse language.

The trouble is that had this show been more serious in tone, then the humour might have been accentuated better; instead, it clearly isn't sure what it wants to be. There are so many directions in which Donald's show moves, on to thump out a sweary punchline and spin off tangentally into another direction. It's a shame, as Donald is a charming host with a lot of self-deprecating humour and seems to be genuinely enjoying himself.

Next time more structure with the dick jokes might make it a better prospect.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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