Zoo Co
Pleasance Courtyard

Mixing ancient myth with present day the play follows the tale of three Sirens who, banished by Zeus, end up in modern-day Hastings.

Confronted with current societal expectations as well as the unfortunate curse of killing any man who hears their voice, they’re in a bit of a tricky spot. Despite hopes that the present will be different, they soon find the legend of the Sirens persists and that their story is being displayed in a local museum.

Luckily for the three heroines, they meet Toby, a deaf man who is immune to the curse, who teaches them to sign and aids their madcap plan to steal the book from the museum.

Signed and captioned, this is an inclusive show that doesn’t feel laboured at any point. Everything is integrated into either the plot or the scenery so that the story flows on its daring course.

The use of projection adds a cartoonish feel to the piece which, despite the comedy, has some very serious points to make. Zoo’s statement in the programme that they aim to "play lightly with things that matter deeply" is clearly evident in the multilayered script.

The talented cast of five attack the material with an impressive energy, clearly enjoying the verbal and physical components. Fast-paced, imaginative and overflowing with relevant themes, Sirens is a refreshing look at the power and consequence of making your voice heard.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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