Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Michael Harrison
Theatre Royal Newcastle

Danny and Acromaniacs
Clive Webb, Chris Hayward and Danny Adams
Chris Hayward

Danny Adams and Clive Webb make their tenth triumphant, box office breaking return in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

At the helm, as always, is our own local King of Pantoland, Michael Harrison as writer, producer and director, who delivers exactly what the audience expects and craves: laughter, scary bits, special effects and excellent sets and costumes.

Joining Danny and Clive, as usual, is the Britain’s best dressed Dame, Chris Hayward, as Rita The Cook, who designs and makes his own extensive range of fabulous costumes each year. Plus regular Steve Arnott, unrecognisable this year as the evil Queen Lucretia.

Yes we have dwarfs and the story of Snow White (Emily Shaw) falling in love with Prince William of Wallsend (Gary Watson), but it's Danny who the audience want to see and, as always, he does not disappoint.

From his tongue twisters, which always have an element of danger by appearing they could go so wrong but never do, to joining the Acromaniacs in their routine, he never stops his madcap antics.

Where else but the Theatre Royal will you find a flying Santa sleigh and Rudolph, then a giant bat flying out over the audience, not to mention a t-rex filling the stage and leaning over the front rows?

Add to this plenty of slosh, explosions, songs and comedy and you have the recipe for a brilliant, up to date pantomime that suits all ages.

Also there is a nice tribute to the past ten years of pantos at the Theatre Royal, which brings back many excellent memories.

The north east needs no introduction to the stars of the shows, as they are like old friends we look forward to seeing every Christmas. So we can get straight in to the comedy from the start and that is the secret, with the ultimate professional cast and creative crew who understand panto, known and trusted by the audience, delivering a first-rate show year after year.

Reviewer: John Dixon

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