Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Sheffield Theatres with Evolution Pantomimes
Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield

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This was a great panto night, with all the atmosphere of a local pantomime - children joining in with great gusto, getting quite worked up when Nurse Nellie (Damian Flowers) did not respond to their cries of 'Behind You!' Sadly, Toyah Willcox, playing the villainess Queen Ivannah did not get the benefit of her clever performance, being booed as the villain after her every move.

A sweet Snow White, played by Kate Quinnell, offered a range of emotions, particularly in her relationship with the seven dwarfs, not all of whom were as accommodating as she might have expected. Her Prince Charming, Andrew Alexander, nearly lost her to the machinations of the Queen, but kissed her back to life at the last minute - it is panto after all.

Nellie and Muddles (Toby Foster) nursed the audience for every last bit of acclaim, having a competition for loudness between the children, the mothers and the fathers - they never really said who won - while the most popular responses were for The Man in the Mirror, Bobby Knutt who has been the backbone of Seffield comedies for, well, not quite centuries, but several mature adults referred to the times they had seen him when they were young.

The sets were elaborate, the dancing was good, being provided by an ensemble of four, complemented by three groups of youngsters during the run. The whole evening was a credit to the production team and musical director.

Playing until 10th January

Reviewer: Philip Seager

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