Solve Along A Murder She Wrote

Tim Benzie
Tim Benzie
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Solve Along A Murder She Wrote

Fans of the popular television show Murder She Wrote will love this hilarious interactive production featuring a 1985 classic episode of Sing a Song of Murder where Jessica Fletcher arrives in London and becomes embroiled in a new murder mystery.

Our convivial Australian host ,Tim Benzie, dressed in a grey tracksuit and a grey wig, guides us through this madcap evening of sleuthing.

The concept is based on the audience participating in watching a video of this episode and through the crazy use of a gameshow format together with a 'fameometer' and a 'suspiciometer' the audience are invited to try to solve the murder.

The clips chosen are very clever and are frequently paused so that opinions can be taken from the audience who have been given red paddles to wave if they think a clue has been given, and we then rank the TV suspects as they are moved along the board accordingly.

Benzie is highly skilled in developing the interactive experience with the audience, who are more than willing to give their opinions, and it’s all tremendous fun.

There is a wonderful trip down memory lane when a commercial break featuring some hilarious adverts is played, during which Benzie changes into a skirt and top, apparently following his trip to Primark, and now looks more like Jessica Fletcher.

The race to solve the murder continues apace, and the audience are certainly remarkably on the case and surprisingly manage to solve it.

This is a highly entertaining production even if you have never seen an episode, filled with outrageous fun.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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