St Andrews Presents - Blind Mirth Improv Comedy

theSpace @ The Surgeons Hall

Blind Mirth is a dynamic group, seven members forming a tight improv team tackling short form and long form improvisation. There is lots of energy to heat up the cosy venue and they have some original ways of getting ideas from the exuberant audience.

For an improv show it was slick and the Blind Mirth tops looked cool although they proved too hot to wear in the show. The four lasses outnumber the lanky trio of lads, which is a refreshing change in comedy, and proves very useful for scenes involving multiple girlfriends.

To obtain ideas for the long form section the Mirthers dissect the contents of an audience member's wallet with all the tenacity of the usual occupants of the Surgeon's Hall. The long form itself was not a wholly perfect operation.

The scenes were short and sharp but there was room for more creativity and innovation. Also there needed to be more of a climax with a tying up of loose ends. There were some recurring themes and characters but they needed to go slightly further to create a really satisfying ending.

It is early days and improv often improves over the long Fringe run where scripted pieces sometimes stagnate. Also worth going to again as they have a coffee-shop-style "fourth show free" system.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin

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