Star Child

Adapted from Oscar Wilde's story
Tell Tale Theatre
Udderbelly's Pasture

This was a charming and endearing story told through physical theatre, live music and dance.

The young company were a delight in their beautifully made up faces and costumes as they retell this timeless fairytale of a young boy driven by pride, arrogance and the desire for beauty.

He falls from heaven and is looked after by a poor family who hardly have enough food to feed their own children.

His mother, a poor beggar woman, tracks him down in the forest but the Star Child rejects her and so he sets off on a quest to find his fortune and discovers that he is rejected by everyone he meets. However he soon learns that through doing good deeds he will be rewarded and is finally reunited with his mother.

This was an endearing performance with some lovely singing, imaginative staging and fine ensemble work. A perfect way to spend an hour in the company of these committed actors.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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