Strip Search

Peter Scott-Presland
Homo Prop

Written and directed by Peter Scott-Presland, this is “a performance piece for male stripper”. Between bits of the act, stripping, we hear the story of Squaddie, a young, black boy growing up in poverty and trying to find himself.

Damola Onadeko who plays Squddie is huge—in the body builder way that seems to be required of this character. We get it—very quickly. And when he gets the chance to, he make Squaddie come alive. We hurt for the little boy who wants to please his mother. We understand the friendship he defines for himself with the weak Christian. Sadly, we are also a little embarrassed for the stripping and push-ups.

This is a sweet story laced between and almost lost in the salacious strip act that Scott-Presland keeps bringing us back to. It’s almost as if he doesn’t trust the script or the story or the actor to keep the audience’s attention.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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