Take It Interns

Harry Zundel, Ronan Shiels, Ollie Feather, Theo Scholefield and Letty Thomas
1945 Productions
C Chambers Street

In this bright, breezy and spirited new musical, Take It Interns, a group of five 17-year-olds are given the opportunity to work in Cicero Advertising Agency. They have all been chosen because their names begin with an A.

The characters are fairly stereotypical but are performed with passion and skill. Their jobs are rather mundane and they begin to question why they are doing this until they are given a project to come up with a new product.

They accept the challenge in the knowledge that one of them will be given a job at the end of the placement and, in an Apprentice-style episode, the quest is on.

The script is witty and the score and songs are catchy and performed by an excellent live stage band. There is effective ensemble singing with impressive harmonies and ample opportunities for individuals to shine, and indeed they do.

With a simple set and uncomplicated choreography, this was a sheer delight. The capacity audience absolutely loved it, so if you were thinking of catching this musical I’d book soon.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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