Kit Redstone and Rhum and Clay
Rhum and Clay Theatre Company
Pleasance Courtyard


One of the themes in this year's Fringe is transition and transgender issues. In Kit Redstone’s moving autobiographical play Testosterone in collaboration with Rhum and Clay, we learn of the decisive moment when Kit decided to become a man.

It was on the 15th November 2014 when he first began his three-monthly injections of testosterone and so his journey to find out what a man is began. At the age of 33, he is about to make his first visit to a male gym changing room.

The set has large, angled mirrors as a backdrop with wooden benches and lockers.

It’s a macho place with much posing, bench presses and protein shakes but how does Kit fit into this male-dominated world?

Through a series of often very funny scenes, Rhum and Clay’s command of physical theatre shines through. The characters range from the drag diva to a couple of cowboys having a western-style shoot out.

There is also an exploration as to how did men lose the ability to cry beautifully illustrated at a football match when their team loses, and why do they always have to be so violent?

Finally when Kit uses the wrong towel, there is a dramatic and powerful stand-off with far-reaching consequences.

This is a strong and important production that’s also highly entertaining.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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