That Moment

Dougie Blaxland
Second Face Theatre
Mission Theatre, Bath

That Moment from Second Face Theatre

Staged at The Mission Theatre Bath, That Moment tells the story of struggling, wannabe actress Alicia Harding who turns up for an unlikely audition with Simon Cardew, a leading theatre director, for the part that will finally launch her career.

Alas, all does not go to plan and instead of a leading role on a national tour she is offered the job as the director’s dog sitter. But Titus is no ordinary dog; incontinent and diabetic, he leaves a daily trail of his doggy mess for Alicia to clean up. All, however, is not lost as she discovers that living in Simon Cardew’s house allows her to access his e-mail and impersonate him, thereby promoting her flagging career.

Such is the plot of Dougie Blaxland’s hilarious one-woman play which took Edinburgh by storm last year. Second Face Theatre Company’s revival, however, more than tops the production that I first saw at The Underbelly. Jazz Hazelwood’s direction is spot on: unfussy, clear and with a real focus on the storytelling narrative that is at the heart of this delightful show.

The star though is Hannah-Marie Chidwick, who plays Alicia Harding as well as all the other numerous characters that populate her chaotic and irregular life. Switching from Penny, the aloof agent, to Ben, the neurotic ex-boyfriend, and on to Simon Cardew, the pompous, self-regarding director, she masters this piece with beautifully differentiated voices and postures.

If you missed this gem of a comedy you can catch it again at The Bierkeller Theatre, Bristol later in May. You are guaranteed an evening of hilarity.

Reviewer: Sue Gordon