That Sinking Feeling

SpaceCabaret @ 54

That Sinking Feeling is a Pythonesque student comedy that really should have been left to campus fun night at the University of Glasgow.

The plot concerns two condom companies who are on a business/leisure cruise to arrange a merger with the Chinese.

We meet Pritchard, who has lost trillions in a mah-jong contest and has apparently gambled his wife away.

There is the manic, posh managing director Monolith, who can’t remember what he’s said, and his lawyer Quennie, who is concerned that the company is going bankrupt and a cigarette-smoking doctor.

Then there are the translators who hold them to ransom.

There are some funny moments and awful puns such as, “This is curtains for us or maybe blinds” when nerve gas is flowed into the cabin and Queenie becomes blind.

The characters are all larger than life but it’s all rather silly and in the end says very little but was enjoyed by the enthusiastic, supportive students in the audience.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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