The Accident Did Not Take Place

YESYESNONO in Association with the Pleasance
Pleasance Courtyard

The Accident Did Not Take Place

“Somewhere on the other side of the world a plane is falling from the sky.” As you are watching it on the television screen; again and again; it has already happened. On the radar, it is a little dot that disappears. "But it’s okay. It’s far away."

We watch these events until we are numb and don’t feel real any more. Just once more, just one more. Although YESYESNONO is here examining a specific plane disappearance, it could be any plane disaster. Or mass shootings. Or meltdown.

YESYESNONO has developed a production that tries to get you a little more connected. With the aid of a guest actor, Matthew Wells (performing in War of the Worlds), performers Emma Clark, Tilda O’Grady and Jon Hawkins hold a magnifying glass up to the event, as emotionally real and raw as we can. The sound design by SHAR and lighting design by Lucy Adams add to the discomfort.

Frightening and provocative. We live our lives better at a distance. It becomes sensory overload. It sucks the air out of our lungs.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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