The Adventure

Bad Physics
Bad Physics
Pleasance Up The Hill

Are you brave enough to go an adventure? Well I joined 35 intrepid youngsters and their adult minders as we left The Green Pleasance to walk up the hill to the Crag Sports Centre to do exactly that.

This is interactive site-specific theatre for young people and adults who have the courage to help solve a mystery. We are met by a scary clown who starts to tell us a story about Noah and his ark but this doesn’t feel much like an adventure.

Shortly three actors Fred and Jack and Jill whose father has been kidnapped interrupt us. They need our help to find him and so we all become detectives on a quest to solve the mystery.

We have to follow a set of clues that lead us to break into a building, enter a pitch black room where we discover cardboard boxes filled with a variety of apparently unrelated items but all will be revealed later on.

The kids entered into this treasure hunt with gusto and even the adults joined in. As we solved the each fiendishly puzzling mystery, we began our journey of discovery.

The actors’ caring interaction with the audience ensures that nobody becomes too scared or frightened and it is a joy to see the excitement on the youngsters’ faces. But I can’t guarantee that the adults weren’t just a little scared especially with signs saying ‘Keep Out Danger of Asbestos.’

Bad Physics has worked hard on creating this imaginative theatre piece and it works exceedingly well on all levels.

I really can’t reveal the ending as it would spoil the total experience but this was truly absorbing theatre.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp