The Axis of Awesome

Axis of Awesome
Gilded Balloon Teviot

Returning to Edinburgh once again, the terrible trio of Lee, Jordan and Benny, who make up The Axis of Awesome, have brought back their own unique brand of comedy music. As well as the inevitable return of their YouTube spectacular Four Chord Song, there are the usual medley of their classic hits. Naturally the band have come up with a new album and they have plenty of new material to add into the mix as well as the inevitable stream of jokes at the expense of their virtuoso keyboardist Benny, and his unfortunate resemblance to Chicken Little.

It's a great show, with the audience very much into the swing of the humour and the boys seem genuinely to be utterly at ease on stage both with each other and with a crowd. While it's pleasing to get to hear more of their work live, the routine did begin to hark back to the familiarity of the previous year and while the performance is great, only time will tell if the Axis can continue to be as Awesome in the long run.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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