The Babysitter

Breman Rajkumar
In Depth
Pleasance Courtyard

Breman Rajkumar is a writer to watch. Her new play The Babysitter is a cleverly written play with spirited dialogue and has many funny moments.

Sara and Jay are looking for a babysitter for their young epileptic daughter Ri. Jewish Aaron is anxious to get this job and has been invited over for a trial but Aaron hasn’t counted on Ri’s 18-year-old sister Nikki who is furious that her parents don’t trust her to look after her sister.

The parents constantly bicker with each other whether it’s discussing the Middle East politics or religion or more mundane topics. This is a family that doesn’t listen to each other.

Nikki is determined to have her revenge and immediately starts to flirt with Aaron, much to the concern of Jay and Sara who become paranoid about leaving them alone.

What follows enters the realms of farce. The parents go out for dinner, but they return early to set up a video camera to spy on Nikki with the excuse that they have left their wallets and Ri disappears.

The acting throughout is strong and convincing and this is a play that has great potential.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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