The Bad Daters

Derek Murphy
Felix Culpa Productions
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall

The Bad Daters

Liam and Wendy have been paired up on a dating web site. Wendy could not feel less ready to try this. She has a few bad habits that she knows will be an issue, not the least of which is the "F" word; every sentence is peppered with several.

But as great a challenge it might be, she’s going to give it a go. And she is prepared. She has "armed" herself with hand sanitiser, a taser, pepper spray and a gun (maybe) (or maybe not). Liam’s wife has just committed suicide leaving as her only note, “make an effort”. So that’s what he’s doing, making an effort.

Liam (Brian Gallager) seems to have a puppy dog appeal. He is tall, with a massive beard and almost seems a little naïve. Wendy (Sarah Maria Lafferty) is buzzing with almost crippling anticipation. She is more the attack dog. She lets him know early about the swearing problem and that she intends to abandon her self-censorship. And she does.

This is going to be a challenge for them both as well as the value of online dating. But both seem to have an “in for a penny, in for a pound” resolve. These two are bookends.

Derek Murphy has written the perfect “Murphy’s law” kind of encounter and Gallager and Lafferty bring it home. Makes you want to take a second look at online dating.

Reviewer: Catherine Henry Lamm

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