The Blind

KTO Theatre (Poland)
The Old College Quad

As part of the KTO Theatre’s Polish season at the Old Quad, The Blind is a truly spectacular outdoor performance inspired by the best-selling novel Blindness by Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago.

An unexplained epidemic causes people to lose their eyesight in unexplained circumstances. The rampant epidemic spreads fast and it causes mass manic amongst the population.

The authorities decide to seclude the first group of people in a secure mental asylum. This secluded community is left on their own and the community begins to set their own rules.

They slowly degenerate into violence and develop animal instincts with debauchery and chaos reigning.

This powerful, bold, engaging theatre challenges the audience.

There are no words but grand emotive music, tango dancing, incredible evocative images, figures dragging sticks and a sea of metal hospital beds that become a fort to be defended or take part in a road race or become resting places for the afflicted.

The physicality and strength of performances is to be admired and the staging is thrilling with giant fans blowing red and silver slivers of foil into the audience.

This was a mind-blowing theatrical experience that leaves you thinking long after the performance has finished.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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