The Brunch Club

Ben Harrison
Grid Iron, SDTN and Pleasance Theatre Trust
Pleasance Pop-Up: Levels

The Company Credit: Robin Mitchell

Grid Iron Theatre Company has performed site-specific theatre all over the world. Writer and Director Ben Harrison has chosen the Levels, the latest University of Edinburgh café, as his pop-up venue and it’s perfect.

The Brunch Club is performed in-the-round and concerns a group of youngsters on an induction week at a college. They are out of their comfort zones as they meet up to make new friends.

They are a disparate bunch of stereotypical teenagers. We have the bully threatening the others with a knife, the nerd, the geek, the vegan campaigner, the emo girl and so on.

Rules are established such as no mobile phones and “no one is to leave unless we all agree.” This is an opportunity for them to open up, share their thoughts, feelings and indeed prejudices as they vie for position in this diverse group.

There is a somewhat bizarre musical scene examining pop culture from the 1940s through to Teddy Boys, Elvis, Mods and Rockers, the Beatles and the '70s.

As they get to know each other, truths begin to emerge, perhaps made easier when they all share a joint. Friendships are indeed made and the Brunch Club is fully inaugurated.

These talented drama graduates perform with conviction in this thought-provoking production.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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