The Complete History of the BBC in 60 Minutes

Alix Cavanagh
Five Rounds Rapid
Sweet Venues

The BBC is a national institution and in this tribute to all that is great with the BBC, Ingrid and Terrance Plater are our intrepid guides to the history of this broadcasting monolith.

During the course of 60 minutes, we are reminded of the early days of radio, Sandy McPherson filling in the gaps on the organ. The birth of television and the broadcast of the Coronation with neighbours sharing their newly-purchased sets with friends to watch the celebrations.

We see the introduction of colour TV and, of course, there is a whole trip down memory lane with shows such as Blue Peter, Top of the Pops and Dr Who, not forgetting the Eurovision Song Contest.

Alix Cavanagh and Gordon Ridout are affable performers and this a pleasant hour in their hands, but we don’t really gain any real insights in this rather tedious history lesson.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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