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The Complete Works of Shakespeare [abridged] [revised]

Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield
Reduced Shakespeare Company
Leicester Square Theatre

Reduced Shakespeare Company

They are known for being absolutely hilarious since 1981, and that in fact is what they still are in 2013. Even performing to a somewhat under capacity audience in the Leicester Square Theatre; performers Matt Rippy, Matthew Pearson and Gary Fannin conjure continual merriment and enthusiastic audience participation.

We are treated to a glimpse of every single one of Shakespeare’s plays—some are given more attention than others; Romeo and Juliet gets a comparatively large amount of stage time whereas the whistle stop tour of the comedies is a genius amalgamation of all the plots told in one go. The grand finale is their famous interpretation of Hamlet which is done quickly, then even faster and finally backwards. It is simply marvellous.

The show retains it’s fringe roots because it still feels fresh—the guys performing are top class comedy actors who have excellent rapport. They treat their audience with affection and the material they are performing is so.

If you love farce, physical comedy, audience participation and men in wigs then this will certainly have you in stiches.

Reviewer: Anna Jones