The Dante Sisters and The Dare Club

Room 37
Paradise Augustine's

In a dark and cluttered hall, the seven Dante sisters each arrive through separate invitation and find themselves in the shambolic remains of the once fine Dare Club, a venue owned by their hitherto unknown half-sister, who has kidnapped their beloved father. Each must undergo a journey to a far distant place in order to satisfy their 'Dare'.

As each individually perishes to some mishap, it becomes clear there is something else at work. Or at least it would in most plays; in the case of the Dante sisters, there is precious little else to the story and, despite the pleasing air of smoky Georgian upper-class industrialism and dieselpunk trappings, the story leads nowhere to an obvious conclusion.

The eight actresses do their best at preening in their period costume but there simply isn't enough time, script or ideas here to turn this piece of devised drama into anything other than the most pedestrian of Fringe shows.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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