The Day the Sky Turned Black

Best of Sydney Fringe / Ali Kennedy Scott
Assembly Roxy

In 2009 Australian suffered one of its worst bush fire seasons. These fires were, though, mostly to be the cause of very dry thunder storms but the one addressed by writer / performer Ali Kennedy Scott was thought to have been started by a very troubled young boy who was fascinated by fire.

Ms Scott plays the reporter on the scene as well as inhabitants of the area, which include a young boy and an older widow. The story and the history which sparked it are fascinating and horrifying. We watch because we are interested in the tragedy and how it affected the people who witnessed it. Voyeurism is a human failing.

A thoroughly polished production even though the script is a little too antiseptic and the characters a little too requisite to engage us. Ms Scott seems too busied in the change of costume and, most particularly, in changing her hair rather than trusting her audience to follow and buy into the character without these.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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