The Early Hours

Suzanne Marston
Impington Performance
Paradise in Augustines

Impington Performance has brought a striking and compelling piece of dance drama to the Fringe in this, their debut performance.

The Early Hours, superbly written and directed by Suzanne Marston, focuses on three interlinking stories concerning a group of young people living in the fictional university town of Hertbridge.

Each of these internal monologues has three performers who help to relate the main characters' stories. There is the good boy, bad boy, the real voice and the fake voice and the adult and child voice as well as a dancer who physically expresses their feelings. This is an inspired concept that works well.

We meet posh Chas who is on a collision course with Missy as they indulge in the decadence of alcohol and clubbing. By contrast, convent-educated Mary is waiting for her first lover beneath her window in a Romeo and Juliet scenario. Then there is gay Mathew who is passionately in love with his teacher Mr Carter with disastrous consequences.

These stories are performed with a raw honesty by this young, impressive company who totally own this production.

Their powerful, inventive choreography, scalding honest dialogue and dynamic staging is a joy to watch. You can’t help but feel emotionally touched by their tender and painful stories.

With a skilful live band providing the music, this is a stunning piece of ensemble theatre that leaves you emotionally drained. Go!

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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