The Family - Semianyki

Teatr Licidei
Assembly @ St George's West

This may well be the biggest surprise of the Fringe and certainly the most refreshing. This is in the best of the Russian Clown Circus tradition and executed flawlessly by Teatr Licedei. The actors have all applied their technique beautifully in sync. The company proceeds slowly enough for the audience to catch up but it is a whirlwind adventure of a typical family.

All of the characters are well defined. Father, when home, drinks and sleeps. Mother, pregnant again, corrals the four violently mischievous children. Each of the actors is give cameos which best show off their talent and father's water trick is quite clever. As the story unfolds, the audience is brought into the action; one poor man in the front row got the lions share of the abuse. Note: this production is infinitely family fair!

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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