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The Fitzrovia Radio Hour

Fitzrovia Productions- Festival Highlights
Gilded Balloon Teviot

If you have a love of radio drama or old fashioned comedy then this is a show for you. The company create - before your very eyes - not one but four short radio melodramas swapping accents, hats and genders. Set in a radio studio complete with 'on air' signage, this fast paced performance contains as much verbal wit as dexterity.

The talented cast do not just provide the voices however; they also provide all of the sound effects which are both ingenious, authentic sounding and comical. Audience involvement is also encouraged with cue boards held up for effects such as 'general hub bub.' Whilst hugely entertaining the technical skills and timing involved in this show cannot be underappreciated and it is the marriage of the two which makes it such a rewarding experience.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston