The Girl With The Iron Claws

The Wrong Crowd

With the simplicity of a fairy tale, the wit of a moral message and a whole heap of charm; The Wrong Crowd have managed to knock the ball clean out of the park with their semi-musical play The Girl With The Iron Claws. Based around the Norse myth The White Bear King, this is the story of a young princess who becomes enraptured with a golden band belonging to a giant white bear. The Bear naturally is a cursed prince, and the play is the tale of the princess's love for him and the trials she must venture through in order to save him from marriage to the hideous Troll Queen and back to his human form.

The cast are a talented bunch, with a deft ability for song, puppetry and that rarest of things, a giddy enthusiasm for what they are doing that practically pours from the stage. From the oversized Troll Queen head and hands which threaten the heroes, to the comic puppetry of the three mystical children and the Princess's snooty sister, the fun is there for the entire family to enjoy. In fact this is a show that will be very welcome to return to the Fringe.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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