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The God That Comes

Hawksley Workman and Christian Barry
2B Theatre Company

A riotous rock-opera rendering of Euripides' Bacchae, performed with precision and passion by Hawksley Workman, an outlandish retelling of the Greek play, which is very much in keeping with the ethos of Dionysis.

It is a stunning one-man show. Workman is both a very versatile musician, strong vocally as well as with a variety of instruments, and also a great actor. He takes on the roles of Pentheus, Agave and Dionysis. Quite a range.

The songs range from comic to explosive, from seductive to raging. Workman is a joy to watch on stage, an amazing performer who has created the perfect vehicle. He takes the show and turns it into something else.

This is a perfect personification of Dionysian spirit on stage. You really feel that Workman and director Christian Barry would be able to throw a fabulous party. You feel that plenty of red wine has gone into the making of this show that celebrates exuberance and letting go.

The comedy, tragedy and horror of Euripides play are all here. It is a piece that deserves to get much more than this short run at the Fringe. No doubt it will appear again, though it certainly needs a talent like Workman to enact it.

Workman uses a whole variety of props as well as instruments to conjure up the action. Particularly striking is his Pentheus in drag costume and clever switching between the three roles, lots of fun with feather boas and dummy heads.

Definitely a show to go and see, a show that stands alone, but also a great show for those who are already fans of The Bacchae. A great start to a night out too, to really get the wine flowing.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin