The I Hate Children Children's Show

Paul Nathan
Unusual Productions
Pleasance Courtyard

Paul Nathan returns to the Fringe with his splendid show The I Hate Children Children’s Show and it’s absolutely magic in all senses.

He greets the audience outside the venue with high fives and alleges to hate children, but really he’s a large kitten whose rapport with youngsters and their parents is exemplary and he creates outrageous comedy and magic with effortless ease.

John Anaya provides the musical accompaniment on his guitar and seems to be having as much fun as the audience.

The premise is that every youngster who wants to can come on stage and help with the magic tricks and they do with eager anticipation; even a few of the adults managed to slip in. Paul quips, “ It’s normally because they’ve been drinking.”

What is fairly unique is that Paul makes these kids feel as if they are the stars of the show—quite an achievement. There are bags of audience participation, songs to sing and very impressive magic tricks.

He entertains the adults and the kids alike, and by the end of the fun-filled hour he has the audience clamouring for more.

You may have to fight for a ticket as it is selling out fast, but I do urge you to go.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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