The Illusion of Truth

Mara Menzies
Scottish Storytelling Centre

The Illusion of Truth

The Illusion of Truth continues the fine tradition of the Scottish Storytelling Centre in hosting a wide variety of tales and styles, with regular performer Mara Menzies turning her considerable talents for oration in the employ of retelling a sacred story, or Pataka, of the Western Nigerian Ifá mythology.

The story being told in this case is that of of Ochosi the hunter, desperate to join the ranks of the Orishas, spiritual deities who each represent an aspect of humanity or action and manage to maintain the natural order of things.

Wearing a mixture of traditional and ceremonial dress, Menzies dances, spins and struts around the room, creating the impression of an evening's storytelling round a campfire, spinning the yarn of a tale at turns to various members of the audience.

It's an enjoyable story, and the welcoming atmosphere is helped along with a small provided cup of popcorn, a traditional offering to Ochosi, as well as the warm convival sense of belonging that Menzies spins around her rapt audience, enriching them with every moment.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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