The List

Jennifer Tremblay translated by Shelley Tepperman
Stellar Quines Theatre Company

The List produced by Stellar Quines returns to this year’s Fringe following its award-winning run last year. It is translated from a French language play by Jennifer Tremblay and is set in Quebec.

Maureen Beattie is outstanding as the woman who is trying to bring order into her new rural life. She has moved to the countryside with her husband to escape the trials and tribulations of city life but the adjustment does not come easily.

She makes friends with a local woman Caroline and they meet regularly and fond a close bond with each other. Both their lives are busy Caroline looking after her ever-growing family in a home that’s littered with laundry and kids’ drawings on the wall in contrast to the regulated and orderly neatness of the woman’s home.

When Caroline becomes pregnant for the fifth time, she asks a favour of the woman and she adds it to her list. She is obsessive about her lists but the mere fact that it's on one doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be done. However the fact that this favour is not achieved has devastating consequences.

Maureen Beattie gives a tour-de-force performance captivating the audience as the story slowly and painfully unfolds. She is a consummate storyteller moving with ease from scene to scene.

With a haunting soundscape and atmospheric lighting, this powerful, moving drama directed by Muriel Romanes should certainly be on your list and is not to be missed.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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