The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches

Marcia Carr
Impetuous Kinship/Elevator East to Edinburgh

What promised to be a whimsical and warm experience showed its true colours - as monotone as the set, though not as visually intriguing - within moments of the performance's beginning. This may as well have been a one person show, for all the second actor contributed to the story, and Carr may want to take on a director next time - her performance becomes tedious early on, and stays that way. It's a pity, because I harbour a strong suspicion that this is actually a good story which has just been badly treated, rather than an entirely worthless piece of work. The writer is attempting to create a new language for the characters, and in the hands of a more competent company, this might have worked.

Despite this being a story about a child losing a parent, I felt more sympathy for the young woman in the audience who had brought a group of friends, and was apologizing profusely to them for having done so after the show.

Reviewer: Rachel Lynn Brody

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