The Match Game

Jack Cover
Double Edge drama
Underbelly, Bristo Square

Double Edge Drama return to the Fringe for the second year with this witty play The Match Game written by 18-year-old Jack Clover.

This clever play is set in a time when young singles have to enter into a compulsory state-run matchmaking program.

It’s a bit like speed dating crossed with Big Brother, but in this case the participants wake up each morning to a new face.

Young Eleanor, beautifully played by Letitia Harkness, and the sensitive David, Charlie Sheepshanks, encounter a variety of partners before deciding if they wish to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

There are embarrassing first moments of dating as they discover more in-depth details about their new partners.

Each day, there is a television broadcast in the form of a chat show where the lucky couples who have found love are announced.

There are some stereotypical characters revealed as David and Eleanor encounter a variety of potential partners including a primary school teacher and an air traffic controller from Leeds Bradford airport.

Then there is the stud Rip, who has converted to Scientology but has a darker side to his character, and a Yorkshire lass.

But will it be games of Scrabble they will be playing or perhaps passionate sex?

Performed in the small Dairy Room at The Underbelly, the talented cast of nine make good use of the limited space with a split stage setting with a bedroom on either side with two screens at the back which are cleverly lit with different colours.

Skilfully directed, this is a fast-paced satire of finding love, making compromises and questions whether the real love of your life actually exists or could they in fact be in the very next room?

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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