The Mungo Boys

Michael Meighan
Lauriston Halls

The Mungo Boys is a true story based on six brash tenement boys who attended St Mungo’s Academy in Glasgow in the late 1960’s.

They want to form a band and try to make it big in the music business. We share their hopes, dreams and ambitions but university, careers and families means the band has to split up and they go their separate ways.

Six teenage lads who play and sing well tell the story with an innocence of youth as they relate their adventures in school as they recall some of their teachers and the trouble they got into.

What comes as a surprise is that the real members of the band take to the stage after 40 years to complete the story of their lives—it’s quite moving if somewhat under rehearsed.

Perhaps the production standards were not particularly high but the mainly local audience gave the performance enthusiastic support and as the programme note said, “to paraphrase the school motto, achieved nothing without work—but never lost the dream.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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