The North! The North!

Christopher Harrisson

The North! The North!

Mixing together expertly crafted storytelling with animation and puppetry is no mean feat, but Christopher Harrisson has managed it with aplomb, keeping his audience rapt throughout his telling of a story set in a world where the north of England was split from the south by a great and terrible chasm forming.

Harrisson's fable is the story of a boy, living in the south, called back home after the death of his mother, where he must use his ability to glow with power to defeat his father, and his own more savage sides.

Harrisson's ability to sketch out his tale with a mesmeric ease sets him out as a modern fabulist weaving his strangely reimagined England into a strange but fascinating reluctant-hero's journey using customised animations projected across the set, onto props he shifts and moves between, while playing each of the characters.

It's a darkly twisted version of a revenge story, but with enough mythical aspects and a good dollop of humour to lift it far above the pack.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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