The Post Show

The Berserker Residents
Assembly George Square Studios

The Post Show

You are in a group of audience members six hours late for an epic production. The irritated stage manager lets you into the auditorium and you manage to catch the last few minutes of a clearly complicated, technique-filled, emotional play. You laugh, you clap and then you are thrown into the post show discussion.

I do not wish to spoil this experience for other audience members, but suffice to say that this is not scary immersive theatre. Whilst the three actors feed off questions from the audience and improvise incredibly detailed answers, they also have many other tricks up their sleeves.

Before the floor is opened for questions, however, they explain a little about their work and the company, they also introduce themselves and get the audience to join in with some warm-up techniques.

With discussions about rehearsal techniques, their process, their inspirations and the devising process itself, this is a theatrical treat for anyone who has ever been to a post-show discussion, masterclass or workshop.

It is delightfully pretentious, sickening sincere and incredibly funny. Don’t be scared. Go and ask a question. You won’t be disappointed with the response.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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