(The Reel) Macbeth

William Shakespeare (sort of)
Kidbrooke Theatre Company at Corelli College
C south

(The Reel) Macbeth is the creation of these 14 (year 9 to 12) budding thespians exercising their Shakespeare. Sort of. While there is enough Shakespeare that one recognises the text, it is mainly about the actors entertaining the audience. And each other. And themselves.

The "reel" part is nothing to do with movie "reel" but rather with the local dance "reel". Get jiggy with it. (sorry)

The actors mostly skip on and off stage whilst the odd one either on the wrong foot or, having abandoned the dance altogether, stands staring incredulously at his fellow castmates. The reel takes over where the acting faulters.

The purists should stay home; this is buckets of fun.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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