The Ring of Stones

Eddie Brierley and Pete Robinson
t-Chi Productions
The Spaces at Surgeons Hall

Every now again you see a company that embraces the spirit of the Fringe with a show filled with energy and commitment that simply fills you with admiration at their amazing achievement.

t-Chi productions is a community group with a large cast ranging in age from 12 to 72 years old who tackle the story of the Eynam village during the civil war of 1665 and the arrival of the plague through a merchant's goods that have been infected by fleas who carry the disease.

It would be invidious to pick anyone out from this talented company but Pete Robinson is the down to earth narrator who relates the story of this north Derbyshire village with humility and intensity but the whole cast perform with confidence to a 56 strong orchestra backing track.

The large cast sing with ardour and capture the emotion of the story with spirit and intensity.

Passions run strong as the villagers adopt the motto of, "Nobody In, Nobody Out."

This all sung through musical has incredible potential to become a fully staged show.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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