The Shit

Cristian Ceresoli
Silva Gallerano / Cristian Ceresoli

In a darkened room, sitting high upon a platform, gently and indistinctly singing into a microphone, a woman sits naked. Eventually she begins to speak and in doing so tells a tale of frantic obsession with appearance, weight, respect and fascism.

Through Cristian Ceresoli's brilliantly constructed monologue, Silvia Gallerano builds herself from quiet introspection to hysterical frenzy again and again in the story of a woman trying to get acting work and detesting her own body.

This raw and caustic piece of frantic theatre is made even more twisted by the unusual venue, a semicircular lecture theatre which also feels eerily like a dissection hall. As Gallerano spews forth vitriol and rants rabidly about wanting to consume her thighs to make them thin, the audience is left in no doubt about the wretched horror of her character's own turmoil.

The Shit is, to use the common tongue, quite literally, the shit. If you want to see a truly shocking and brilliant performance, this is where it will be found.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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